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End of Support for Scribe Insight

TIBCO retires Scribe Insight on 2022-11-30

As of June 21, 2021 TIBCO has announced that they will retire Scribe Insight, and cease providing maintenance for the product, as of 11:59 pm Pacific Time on November 30, 2022.

Maintenance of the platform will be continued up to this date - TIBCO will support their customers with active maintenance agreements until then.

We at customore will support you in planning and developing your integration landscape to ensure a safe operation after Nov 2022.

Please get in touch with us.

We have collected a list of frequently asked questions regarding the retirement process.

FAQ TIBCO Scribe Insight End of Support / Retirement / End of Life Q&A

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    Why is TIBCO retiring Insight?

  • Due to the demand and focus on Cloud, TIBCO is helping customers make the transition to TIBCO Cloud Integration and allocating resources to that future path. TIBCO Cloud Integration offers all of the equivalent functionality plus additional capabilities and unlimited potential.


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    Do I have to stop using TIBCO Scribe Insight after Nov 2022?

  • If you own the perpetual license then you may continue using the product past the retirement date. TIBCO will not provide any support past November 30, 2022.


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    Are there additional updates being made to Insight leading up to the retirement date?

  • TIBCO may provide patches or hotfixes for customers on maintenance plans where possible.


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    What is TIBCO doing to help existing customers through this retirement process?

  • TIBCO has a transition program, where they provide existing Insight customers who are on Maintenance with an option to upgrade and gain access to TIBCO Cloud Integration, which includes Insight.. Please contact us for details.


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    I already signed up for Maintenance - what do I do?

  • Contact us for details  if you are interested in the transition program, which gives you access to TIBCO Cloud Integration, to assist you with the migration to TIBCO's flagship integration product.. We will support you in every step of the process.


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    What about Connectivity, where can I find details on this?

  • You can find a list of all the connectivity options under https://tibco.com/connected


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    Is there a migration package available?

  • We have experienced consultants and developer who have worked with customers to successfully migrate workloads from Insight to TIBCO Cloud Integration. Please contact us for details.


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    What will become of the TIBCO Scribe Online Insight Connector?

  • As a part of this effort, that Connector will be removed from the Marketplace as well and is not available anymore after November 2022.


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    How can customore support me in the transition process?

  • We at customore are a team of experienced consultants with many years of experience in the implementation and migration of integration platforms and we will support you in this process. Due to the long-term partner relationship with Scribe / TIBCO we have the direct line to the software vendors if necessary. We'll take care of the best options for your future licensing situation. Please contact us for details.


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    Where can I get support for Scribe Insight after November 2022?

  • We at customore will continue to support our customer in the best possible way. If you decide to continue using Scribe Insight after November 2022, we will help you with that with all our knowledge. Unfortunately we will be unable to help you with everything where manufacturer support is required (patches, hotfixes etcetera).